Around Alaska by Judy Jessee

Most of the photos you see on the Around Alaska blog were taken by me, Judy Jessee, with a few taken by my husband Jack.  I was born and raised in Alaska, and Jack is a transplant from Virginia.

I’ve been taking pictures of Alaska for decades, so I may as well share them!  More can be found at

Sport, Judy, Jack & Tigger

8 thoughts on “Around Alaska by Judy Jessee

  1. Judy your pictures are stunning thank you for sharing I have travelled extensively in the USA but I have never managed to visit Alaska but after viewing your photos it has made me determined to get there in the near future

  2. Hi Judy, You have some great photos. I’m a state grizzly bear manager in Montana and I was wondering if I could use your photo of the grizzly eating roots in education presentations for kids?

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