Spider on Raspberry Leaf

Spider on raspberry leafSpider on raspberry leafLast summer we had an onslaught of these huge spiders with black and white legs.  They are very big for Fairbanks!  I had never seen one before. and I didn’t see any this summer at all.

2 thoughts on “Spider on Raspberry Leaf

  1. I was in Anchorage in the summer of 98 when I was 11. I was in love with this raspberry bush in the yard of the house where we stayed for two weeks. after about the second trip to the raspberry bush I made a horrific realization that the beloved raspberrys were being used as hosts to these nasty, nightmare-inducing arachnids! mug scared the shit out of me! I loved Alaska -we visited homer Denali kenai river but I will never forget those haunting spiders!!!!!

    • That’s so crazy! Maybe they really like the raspberry bushes. I will be wary in the future. I actually had one of these spiders on my ARM after walking through a web that summer. It was terrifying and I let out a primal scream lol. I don’t know if they bite but I am going to assume so!

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